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i decided to create a robots.txt file in my root folder when i submitted my site to be indexed by several different search engines. i used a ...

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Hello, I am running XAMPP on Windows and the website displays fine in a browser under

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I am new to the forums and looking to solve a problem. My apologies in advance if I am not asking my question in the proper location. I will do ...

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Hello! I am testing phpdig and sphider cause I want to have a search function on a web page BUT I have a problem:

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I'm trying to protect some folders on my server not to be accessed from outside . What can I do ? User avatar barbq: Posts: 23: Joined: ...

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Hello,. I'd like to edit my site's robots.txt (to add sitemaps) but can't find it to edit in my cPanel file manager.

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This has me stumped big time. The XAMPP worked fine until I made a new BLOG and now I get this error. Now my site doesn't work.

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Hi there! When i login with ftp I cant overwrite files and get ther error: 550 robots.txt: Overwrite permission denied

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txt in the root of a website. If you want to have a shared folder for more than one project (so you can have just 'one' tick.png file), you will ...